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The great challenges that prevent basketball players from performing at their peak is that they are not aware of the problems they are facing.  Players that consistently suffer from:

Finding it hard to handle criticism from your coach, parent(s) or teammates

Experiencing shooting slumps or off games

Dreaming of being a great player, just not knowing how to get there

Wanting more playing time during the game, but struggle to believe they are good enough to earn it.

Their mental game is the cause of this and they are unaware that there is a solution.  If there is one point to emphasize, it is this: Mental Training is the hidden secret to EVERY successful athlete.  That is the big edge they have over every other player.  The coaching service at hoopcliq is led by Garrett Richardson.  Garrett knows the challenges and opportunities young players are experiencing now and those they will face in the future due to his experience playing basketball in college, as a semi pro, and in the National Basketball Development League (which is now known as the G league.)

Garrett understands the journey because he has lived it.  After he did not reach his ultimate goal of playing in the NBA, Garrett began searching for the real reason why he, along with millions of other players, fall short of their goals.  His research, studies, and personal experiences have led him to focus on the all-important mental part of the game.  Now he teaches these secrets to show student athletes and their parents the key differences between good players and great performers.  Garrett often says: There are 3 things that every great player has; talent, heart, and the mastery of the mental aspect of the game.

Garrett offers a variety of personal coaching (link it) options as well as powerful Mental Training classes through hoopcliq Academy.  The Academy is designed to teach you the knowledge, tools, and courage you need to grow your game from the inside out.  Through our classes, we improve your mental game in a way that helps you to grow beyond your current game.  We invite you to join the team at hoopcliq.com and get the mental preparation that can revolutionize your game—sign up for one of our classes on hoopcliq Academy right now!


hoopcliq Academy Presents: Self-Talk (4 Day Class)

Self-Talk is the second fundamental foundation to having a high power mental game.  It can either help make your dreams a reality or a nightmare.  This class was created because many athletes struggle with their self-talk which in turn, doesn’t allow them to achieve much success physically.  The Self-Talk class is designed for those serious players who are wanting to have the type of inner voice only the most successful players possess.  If this sounds like you, then don’t waste any more time and signup for the next scheduled class.

hoopcliq Academy Presents: Beliefs (4 Day Class)

In life, we all strive to live out our biggest dreams, but honestly, very few people actually experience it.  But why?  This is a topic that has many paths to take but I can tell you they all will lead us to our beliefs.  There are studies that show what you experience in life will have a direct connection to what you believe.  This is why there is a small percentage of athletes that get the chance to play at the highest level while the rest of us get to sit in the stand and wish.  If you want to physically become the best version of yourself, you must first train your mind to have the beliefs it takes to live your dreams.  The Beliefs class is designed for those serious players who are wanting to have the type of inner confidence only the most successful players in the world possess.  If you are ready to make this big step, then don’t waste any more time and signup for the next scheduled class.

Accelerate Your Journey To Success By Joining Like-Minded Athletes Who Are Not Taking No For An Answer To Reach Their Version Of Greatness.


You Are Only As Good As Your Mindset

Let me help you explore where your limit as an Athlete is!  

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